“No Plant Pot Glory”

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I couldn’t care less
About the game.
Though it would have been nice
To have won.
If you’re one of the armchair brigade
Who looks down on the Emirates Cup
I don’t even want to imagine
The pity you will pour on me
For cheering on Dulwich Hamlet
In the Geoff Harvey Memorial Vase Final
Against Kingstonian
At the footballing mecca
Of the south-west London suburbs
That is Corinthian-Casuals
In downtown Tolworth.
Thankfully we wilted in the heat
And lost four one
Allowing the not really that Special K’s
To go home
Via the petrol station.
It’s a Sunday don’t forget
Where else are you going to get
A droopy bunch of flowers
To put in your prize?



( Dulwich Hamlet 1, Kingstonian 4; in the final of the Corinthian-Casuals four team pre-season tournament. We fielded a different side each day, the manager getting another look at all his players, to prepare for the new season, was-ultimately-far more important than the poor result)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/no-plant-pot-glory/