Nobody Loves You When You’re Top

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nobody is ever gonna stop
nobody is happy when you’re stuck there in the middle
nobody loves you when you’re top –
no-one’s ever pleased about the system
no-one’s ever happy with the team
no-one really cares what David Beckham wears
no-one ever shares the same dream –
nothing is impossible they tell us
nothing till it’s there in black and white
nothing ever happens til you make it
nothing’s lost ’til you give up the fight –
someone’s always coming up with answers
someone’s always saying what we need
someon’e’s always banging on and moaning at
someone else’s jealousy and greed –
somebody is always out to get you
somebody is wiser than the rest
somebody’s a rival with an even better idol
somebody’s determined they’re the best –
sometimes you just have to grin and bear it
sometimes you just have to hide the tears
sometimes you win something ev’ry season
sometimes you wait nearly fifty years!
someday we will maybe know the answer
someday we’ll discover where and why
someday we’ll be up there with the greatest
someday it will all be worth the try-
ev’ryone is angry when you get there
ev’ryone just has to have a go
ev’ryone is telling you they know what’s going on
eve’ryone you meet they tell you so –
ev’rybody’s tryin’ to name the reason
ev’rybody’s out to pin the blame
ev’rybody thinks that they’re an expert
ev’rybody understands the game –
ev’rything inside the game is moving
ev’rything is changing how they play
ev’ry thing we ever held and valued
evrything we dreamt gets swept away –
ev’ry team goes through a wobbly moment
ev’ry team will always have their say
ev’ry team will one time all win something
ev’ry team like dogs will have their day –
ev’rytime you listen to excuses
ev’rytime it ain’t the best of days
everytime we think we understand it
ev’rytime its clouded in some haze..
but one thing always tells us it’s amazing
one thing keeps us going – can’t you see?
one thing’s very strange and I know it’s just a game
one thing’s real – this football poetry


allegedly – Editor!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/nobody-loves-you-when-youre-top/