Oh Ginger Jimmy O’ The Wing!

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You jink and feint and sway
You make out to go this way
Then off the other way
You cut inside rash tackles ride
The ball’s tied to yer feet
A shrug so deft of shoulder
Makes all fullbacks retreat
As games got tough
And tactics rough
You never shirked the call
Of wing play entertainment
That excites us all
For one so small
Who did enthrall
Time and time again
The awesome Jimmy Johnstone
A giant amongst men!!!



Just saw the sad notes about this fantastic bloke in Casey’s poem ‘Jimmy Johnstone’ and then penned this. I saw the European Cup Winners cup final pictures on a grainy old black and white telly, and Wee Jimmy was just fab! In the days when footballers actually took the ball past people with skill and expertise instead of now as soon as someone comes within ten feet of you pass it! Bobby Moore was another one who loved to have a lot of possesion of the ball and took great care of what he did with it! Ah great byegone days.

Best wishes to the Wee man.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/oh-ginger-jimmy-o-the-wing/