Oh Haiku Where Were Thou?

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Its all the rage
This awesome haiku lark
Its in me nut from dawning
To well gone after dark
Its like a drug and I’m no mug
As I write this verse
If I don’t take it easy
I’ll need poetic nurse!
Magic and so beautiful
Words just come and go
Will they fit and be legit?
I don’t blimmin know
Us cockney boys
Have now new toys
To scribe on ‘ the football’
How come I never heard of it
When I was in convent school?
Those words so great
You love and hate
And over which you chew
Will be all the more so poignant
As football lovers use haiku!



As a Norwich fan said, this, although I’m a new convert and finding his feet, is just so cool and just gets in yer nut and stays there as we say in the smoke!

An eighteen carat diamond way of writing or what?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/oh-haiku-where-were-thou/