Oh So Sacred Joy!

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To oh so sacred joy
This dream in mind has etched itself
With longing since a boy
Our time is now lets live it
Enjoy it for your sake
Though others may not like us
Our place they would soon take
Though it may not happen
To us ever again
To have loved and lost is everything
And ever shall remain
In ridicule they called us fools
Because we wore the Blue
Our time is here and in the now
It’s not us who are fools
As time goes on thoughts linger upon
Those heady days of youth
When all was a consuming dream
To play for sacred Blues
Although this desire died a death
As youth turned to a man
I’d always be a Shed Head
Though seats replaced that stand
At last the peak is nearly here
Though I tire from fatigue
I can now say for the rest of my days
I saw Chelsea win the league!

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/oh-so-sacred-joy/