On Having a Nightmare About Meeting The Italian Football Team At A Party

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Cannavaro and Vieri
Drifted, menacing and scary.
The long-haired Camaronesi
Twirled, around, wild-eyed and crazy.
Alessandro Del Piero,
Autocratic like a pharaoh,
Had unfortunate Zanetti
Throttled with some long spaghetti.
On the kitchen table, Totti
Sat down blithely on a potty.
Trapattoni, thin and bony,
Claimed Panucci was a phoney.
Sipping lilac wine, Zambrotta
Did impressions of an otter.
Nearby, the keeper Buffon
Said the penthouse had no roof on,
While wearing only a sou’wester
Sat the sad and lonely Nesta.
Down the staircase came Gattuso,
Perrotta keeping up his trousseau.
Fierce Cassano and Fiore
Talked about the Isle of Moray,
While a dozen snow-white stallions
Nuzzled up to the Italians.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/on-having-a-nightmare-about-meeting-the-italian-football-team-at-a-party/