“On My Way To Worship”

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I’m sitting on a bus
There’s a girl on the next seat singing
I don’t want to make a fuss.
I wonder what she’d think of me
If I sang Dulwich Hamlet songs out loud
Rather than her “Hallelujah”
As she joins her ‘God Squad’ crowd.
My worship’s for later
At my ‘Church of Edgar Kail’
Our ‘hymns’ might not be as tuneful
But they tell a better tale.
How we hate t*****g and mitcham
Not too keen on the Leatherhead scum
All the time keeping our strength up
With an artisan hot dog in our tum.
You might have twelve disciples
We have our main men too
Lillington and Bayram
Names that mean nothing to you.
I’m a lifelong Dulwich Hamlet supporter
It’s made me a better person the one I am today
With all my fellow “Rabble” members
Not bothered than I am gay.
Believe me it used to scare me
It really did in my head
Submerging myself in alcohol
By nightfall I wanted to be dead.
I’m not saying everyone likes me now
Never going to be our greatest fan
But all my loyal mates stuck by me
So now I don’t give a damn.
My life’s immeasurably better
No thanks to this bloke they call ‘the Lord’
I’m trying to become a better person
All of my own accord.
When I was young I stopped going to mass
I chose football as my belief
I knew I made the right decision
Edgar over Jesus as my spiritual chief.



(I wrote this on the bus to our home game with Enfield Town, Easter Monday, when there was a teenage girl singing hymns to herself in the seat opposite me)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/on-my-way-to-worship/