One Of The Best Bob Crow…………..

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Alright Bob,
what a character you was,
never failed to smile,
even when Millwall
suffered a loss,
stood with you on the terraces
at many a many a game,
now you’ve left us mucka
so young, you’re gone,
what a shame,
you was a lively bloke
colourful, full o beans
liked a pint and a joke,
talked about Millwall
and about our dreams,
getting promotion, staying up
even going into Europe,
after maybe winning a cup,
many took a dislike to you,
I was not one of those
we never talked politics
kept you on ya toes,
people misunderstood
alot of what you said,
or what you really was about,
at the end of the day mucka,
you weren’t afraid to have
a slanging match or a shout.
but i knew a different side
most would never know,
that was our ol mucka,
Millwall’s BOB CROW,
so off you’ve gone
to the place where,
i hope you can have a rest
R.I.P. Bob Crow
you really was
one of the BEST…………………..



great man, controversial, but stuck by his convictions of getting what is deserved for the workers………many misunderstood him, but many didn’t.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/one-of-the-best-bob-crow/