Plastic Fan

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 You might not think I’m serious
Just having a laugh
But I’m in mourning
For an inflatable giraffe.
He came into my life
All too fleeting
Can’t even recall
Our first meeting.
But Ged was for real
One of the Pink and Blue
Who broke for freedom
From his imaginary zoo.
Epitomising all that was strange
About our eclectic fanbase change
I really shouldn’t
Have liked him at all
He loved a drink
And was far too tall.
Ged the Giraffe
Pet of the stars
Even the greats
Like your Danny Carrs.
The likes of me had no chance
Toward the players he would prance.
Now and again we’d pucker and kiss
They all thought we were taking the piss
But at that moment I saw it in your eyes
If it wasn’t for those pesky players
You’d have been my prize.
But you were snatched away
Behind that door
Left to die
On the changing room floor.
When we won the title I shed a tear
Never imagining the end was near.
I just know we were in with a shout
Even though I was human and you weren’t out.
I like to think you ran away
And we’ll meet again another day.
A novelty blow up sheep
Will never be the same
That murderous Luke Hickie
I’ll forever blame!



Last season at Dulwich Hamlet two fans brought an inflatable giraffe to matches, he even wore a scarf round his neck. The players loved him…but something happened to him when they took him into the changing rooms in the Ryman League Division One South title celebrations and he was never seen again…

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/plastic-fan/