Please, Dad

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Bring me again, don’t tease
Bring me to another match
Watching it on tv, is not a patch
On being there
So play fair
Let me experience again, the atmosphere
The sheer thrill
A whistle shrill
The big kick off
Those that scoff
All the pies
All eyes
Up to the skies
As the untidy winger scuffs
Another cross
The unhappy Boss
Having had enough
Pulls off the hapless scruff
Then snubs
Four of the subs
As his chosen one
Joins the fun
Tries to carry out instructions to the letter
But really is no better
Isn’t that why he started on the bench
Instead of being part of the stench
Of a stinking performance
But I wouldn’t mind
Really I wouldn’t
Just to be there, with you, watching
In the flesh
As our hands enmesh
And you gently squeeze
Have you any idea, how much that would please?


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/please-dad/