Poor Old Pompey!

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Have gone and signed Robert
The greatest left foot in football?
He himself has told us that
So many times, so there!!!
Make sure he plays each week
Or there’ll be lots of fuss
He’ll sulk and slink off on his own
To the back of the team bus
Hair gel and deoderant
In the deal they played a part
Though I can’t recall him breaking a sweat
In his time at St James Park
This guy is just the business
The greatest of the lot
There’s nothing like blowing your own trumpet
And so modest he is not!!!
He’ll tell you how to pick the team
He’ll tell you who should play
Pompey will be superstars
If they play the Robert way
If they lose?
It’s not down to him
It just can’t be his fault
He was massaging his ego
When Pompey lost three nought !



This bloke just loves himself! As Ray Houghton is fond of saying on Talksport radio, ‘If this bloke was a sweetie, he’d eat himself’!!!

As Robert, himself is fond of saying ‘I love me, who do you love’?

Arrogance personified.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/poor-old-pompey/