Pop Gear

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Big Shamus drove a Datsun car,
vintage 1969,
made in Japan, red and chrome,
a vehicle sublime..
To watch a semi-final match
one wintry Saturday,
he raced to Gillygooly town,
many miles away..
Roared over hills, down verdant dales,
around a mountainside,
’til, as he reached the football ground,
motor spluttered, stalled and died..
Shay prised the bonnet open,
fiddled with the gears,
loosening cogs and nuts and bolts,
while to resounding cheers,
home team in colours green and gold
kicked off to start the game,
distracting Shay’s attention,
so he did not see the flame
ignited by his cigarette,
which touched a smudge of oil,
and brought wee Datsun’s petrol tank
swiftly to the boil…
The old car seemed to shiver,
then blew to smithereens,
showering greasy gearbox parts
down upon both teams..
“Begorrah!” cried the Referee,
as players stood all agog,
“I’m abandonin’ t’ match m’ lads..
’cause it’s rainin’ Datsun cogs!!”


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/pop-gear/