Prague- here we come.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Oh! Wow, wonderment
Incredulity here
And now
Suspended belief
A mirage surely
West Ham, Prague
Bound, Euro Conference
Fornals flying solo
A winner to preserve
In historic perpetuity
Claret and blue
Last night the Dutch
Of AZ Alkmaar never
Cloggers but stylists
And purists most
But the happy Hammers
Meet their appointment
With destiny
It’s 1976 again
This time though
Italy rather than Belgium
Fiorentina, still capable
Of worldly sophistication
But this time in early
A collision of cultures
Italy, melodramatic
Plots and Machiavellian
Conspiracies and
Mischievous machinations
Tricks and flicks
Intrigue and mystery
Always on tap
And yet this time
West Ham will be there
Poised to pounce
Should the Italians sulk
And sneer, snarl and
Indulge in self pity
So for 1976
And John Lyall
Read David Moyes
Expectations realistic
But prepare for Prague
In early pages of summer
Maybe it could be this time



West Ham play Fiorentina in the Euro Conference Final.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/prague-here-we-come/