pray for us

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 subtlety, thrown with such force
hit me like a brickbat
and it diverted my attention, of course

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 but only for a minute, for soon enough
i was back, screaming at the telly
once more imploring, for the referee to get tough

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 cos he wasn’t up with play, he was letting things slide
just like that tackle, that started twenty yards back
things were really not looking good, for my side

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 but at my side, you were looking good
more leg on show, than out on the pitch
and i responded, just as any red blooded man would :

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 waited for the half time whistle
then jumped off the sofa and assumed the position –
down on my knees – and prayed like mad, thumbing through me missal

6 Leave a comment on verse 6 0 i prayed to any god that would listen
i prayed for more effort, for more pumping action
i prayed for sweat and blood and tears, i wanted champions to christen

7 Leave a comment on verse 7 0 i wanted to feel the earth move, to hear a communal roar
i wanted passion, i wanted ardour, i wanted excitement
i wanted all that clinching, that follows when you score

8 Leave a comment on verse 8 0 and you just sat there impatiently waiting
with your narky comments, your barbed insults
while i was impervious, cocooned in my berating

9 Leave a comment on verse 9 0 such is the life, of a besotted football fan
totally ignorant, of the needs of others
is it any surprise, that she left me for another man?


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/pray-for-us/