1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 New season, new image, new players, new hope
New plans for an all-seater ground
The wealthy new owner’s been doing his work
It’s great when you first look around.
New paint, new badge, we’re a soccer club now
Not YCFC anymore
But the Popular Stand and away end are still
Just as grotty as ever before.
So, pre-season friendlies, and Premiership sides
Come to test us till August arrives
We’ve an awful new kit, but we’ll put up with it
We’re just grateful our team has survived.
The day’s dry and hot, better fitness pays off
And soon our opponents score twice
Our boys look asleep in the bright sun and heat
While a few resigned fans yell advice.
I remember last season – we struggled again
But still reached the fourth round of the cup
There were cold, dark wet days, but the darkest ones came
When we thought the whole club would fold up.
Then in stepped a buyer, and City were saved
Though he’s really a racing car boy.
His money is real, yet I can’t help but feel
That we’ve simply become his new toy.
Problems need sorting out – so he messes about
Our traditional colours and crest
He puts words to big dreams, but of his two teams
Racing’s the one he likes best.
He claims his ambitions match up with our own
So why is he changing our name?
If he’s taking us seriously, why did he play
As a sub in our last friendly game?
To get through the battered old turnstiles this year
We’ll be paying some crazy amounts
But anything goes, for a City supporter,
We’re still here and that’s what counts.
So maybe, I thought at the end of that match
Maybe I’m being unfair
As the chairman himself wandered out for a fag
And nobody noticed him there.
The passion will come when the season begins
When it’s colder and skies turn grey
You can’t have it easy all the time
And that would be dull, anyway…..
I’m really just glad that York can play on
This future’s far better than none
And pre-season friendlies are no indication –
It’s never as real in the sun.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/pre-season/