1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 ‘FA Cup Poems’ was tongue in cheek;
you’ll see it if you take a peek.
Premiership bosses don’t chase the dreams;
instead putting out much weakened teams
to risk again the fans’ derision
in the world’s best competition.
I feel that we are being cheated –
that’s why the debate is heated.
Imagine if we didn’t care
when writing verse, t’would not be fair.
Anyway just what is ‘proes’?
I’ve checked the dictionary – no one knows.
Poems, they don’t have to rhyme;
if they don’t it ain’t no crime.



Proes? Pros? Prose? Dictionary definition of a poem: elevated composition in prose or verse. ‘Nuf said?!

Editor: Well we understood it.
Putting out weak teams is something Chelsea (or Swindon) have never done deliberately, it just looked like it for four decades or more !
United play with style and incredible pace and merchandising but not everyone is caught up in the euphoria of the ‘Media United Love Fest.’.Are there any North London red top and tabloid writers who aren’t Man USA Arsenal and Spurs fans?
Since when has ther been five trophies anyway? If that new repro bit of tin is a valid contender then the USA World Series really is a World Series. The only problem is Brazil and Ingerland-Ingerland- Ingerland never get invited to take part in the World Series!.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/proes/