Reality Can Be A Nightmare.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I Dreamt that I lived in Wayne’s world,
Where the money just grew on trees.
And played for a top football team,
Could do anything I pleased.
Say that they had no ambition.
That I’d be seeking pastures new.
Loyalty, mere seven letters,
And I might change my shirt to blue.
They’d beg me to reconsider,
Offer over two hundred grand.
And let me go on holiday,
To play on Dubai sand.
But I wake up in cold morning light,
And realise it was a dream,
I’m not a mega football star,
I just play for my local team.
Reality’s I am unemployed,
I lost my job yesterday.
There is no work on the horizon,
With a mortgage and bills to pay.
The papers say recession,
Is now spreading throughout the land,
Alas I am not in Wayne’s world,
Now life it doesn’t seem so grand



Robin Hood robbed the rich to pay the poor.
Not rob the poor to keep him rich.
And to think Nobbie Stiles only got the equivalent of Wayne Rooney’s weekly salary for his world cup medal.

Justice ?


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/reality-can-be-a-nightmare/