Robin Friday. An Enigma?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I hear that out in Berkshire as night is drawing in
Pubs around the Reading ground
Are full of talk of him
Who was to be their saviour and their saving grace
In England team, on pastures green he would have not been out of place
It’s said that such an idol, well before his time
Had disappeared before we cheered at excellence devine
Who was this boy who produced pure joy for all the Reading fans?
Why is it still a mystery and was he just mere man?
We all should seek and pursue to find this thing called truth
After all its not every day that such beauty disappears in youth
Why such adulation, why such mystery is it true that Reading fans
Talk of nothing else, but he?
Today there is no secret and things we do not know of idols cheap
Who are led like sheep, they come and quickly go.
But this one is a legend who just will not lie down
In the pubs around the Reading ground
Robin Friday still wears the crown!

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I don’t know the slightest about this bloke but nearly every time there’s a best player forum on the radio this guys name comes up and Reading fans phone in to put their case for their man as the best thing they’ve seen.

I think that there is a book out there somewhere, but the mystery of the whole thing makes it so much more interesting to fans who never saw or heard of what really was an enigma!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/robin-friday-an-enigma/