Roy Keane!

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Please don’t hurt him just because you can
Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane
Why is it you’re not a Blackburn man?
Kenny Dalglish thought that you
Had signed a deal to wear white and blue
As well as the famous white gold and green
You slag the prawn sandwich brigade
You can’t get in the hit parade
Some tackles you make
Are bordering on obscene
I’ve seen you in the t.v ad
Where knitting is your chosen fad
Yet Fergie thinks that you’re squeaky clean
I’ve heard it said that Mayfield men
Are hard as nails and tough at ten
So I cannot compete with you Roy Keane!



Mayfield is in Cork, near where my family comes from and if I was a manc fan da da da da da da da da da! he would be a cool idol But I’m not and sincere apoligies to the writer and singer of Jolene, whose name I can never seem to rememeber!

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Dolly Parton

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