Russian Euros – surely not

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We must have thought it was an early April Fool
My and wife and I must have been thinking
Russia, hosts for the Euros 2028
Surely a mistake, a horrible
Lapse in judgment
Far too many shots of vodka
An alcoholic blur
Our imaginations twisted
By Russian fraud
The shocking audacity
Of it all
This is a deceitful sham
Roubles are changing
Hands as we take in
The chutzpah and cheek
After all the burning flames
Of hellish death, fractured,
Broken Ukraine homes
Scarred and charred
Smoking, weeping Ukraine
And Russia looking to rub
Salt into the wounds
How dare they?
In retrospect there was
the 2018 World Cup
And none batted an eye
Lid in solemn Kremlin
Bureaucratic minefields, but
Russia lose all perspective
On the cold fields of shame,
Not hint of remorse or sorrow
Euros 2028, it’s an ugly dystopian
Vision, turn off the social media
Banter, ignore the propaganda
It is the worst of all prospects
Let the subject never be mentioned
Again, never even considered
Banned for eternity
Never spoken of, utterly taboo
Putin must be held to account
Before football becomes his
Childhood toy, his evil excuse
For manipulation of the
Beautiful Game,
Russia, Euros 2028 has to be
A sickening thud on the grapevine
Of rumour, just a subdued mutter
And mumble in UEFA’s
Upper echelons where
Occasionally nonsense
Prevails in potty, discordant
Notes and voices of
Bumbling idiocy
International football
In Russia now in
The present tense
You have to be kidding
After everything you’ve
Perpetrated, damaged
And destroyed
Criminal violations
Of barbaric death
And suffering,
What a nerve
Putin, look at us
In the face
Your search for
Credibility has
Just fallen into
The darkest pit
A cesspit of
Disgraceful acts
Of unforgivable
Please Russia
Just leave the Euros
To those who know
The air is thick
With Putin’s poisonous



Rumours of Russia hosting Euros 2028

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/russian-euros-surely-not/