Ryan Giggs is 40 ( no kidding)

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“Remember he’s forty years of age.”
To many Giggsy’s still the king
At forty he still rules the wing
Commentators drooling about his pace
“he got to forty with poise and grace.”
A dirty tackle is laughed off as naughty
Refs ignore it cos he’s forty.
“What a servant for the club,”
As the player who’s forty comes on as sub
His age is mentioned at every touch
It really has become too much.
Do we need to be non-stop told
That Ryan Giggs is forty years old.



Just in case you live in a tent somewhere outside Stenhousmuir, Ryan Giggs is forty years old. If you listen to the media you’d swear he is the only 40 yr old who has ever turned up to do a day’s work (well 20 minute cameos) I watched the Palace v Man Utd game on NBC and Giggs came on after 80 minutes. For the rest of the game the other players didn’t exist as Lee Dixon and the main commentator absolutely drooled over the ageing wing man. I wouldn’t mind but he only touched the ball on a few occasions. You’d think he was the only person in the world who has ever reached the 40 year old milestone. I counted six times that they very kindly informed the audience that Ryan was indeed forty years old. I briefly popped into the kitchen to put the kettle on, so in all probability it probably reached double figures the amount of times they revealed the secret of Ryan Gigg’s age.
The next time you watch a Man Utd fixture on television, make a count of the amount of times they refer to the age of their little darling.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/ryan-giggs-is-40-no-kidding/