Saints v Canaries

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 45 seconds, Mackenzie shoots wide
3 minutes, Bentley scores, our pride
7 minutes as celebration dies
The Saints push and equalise
9 minutes, Ashtons hits the post
Relegation battle on the South Coast
20 minutes, Saints go ahead
Fear of falling is being fed
32 minutes, Higginbotham o.g.
Don’t care who got it, we’re dancing with glee
40 minutes, a goal by Le Saux
Hi ho, it’s back behind we go
49 minutes, crowd gets to its feet
MacKenzie scores, a goal so sweet
All still to play for, no time to restart
I don’t mean the game, I mean my poor heart

Second half, 87 minutes, Camara takes the win
No point of consolation, survival hopes slimmed


Nerves jangling like bracelets, two games to go. Sedation required. Last home game on Saturday against Birmingham, they’ve already seen us cry at Cardiff in 2003 and I hope they wish to make it up to us. My scarf is still damp.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/saints-v-canaries/