Sarah and Vicki

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 There was always somebody with her before she slipped away.
Some kind person beside her,finding the right things to say.
I’m sure that kind person,found words of comfort and care.
She was never alone for a moment, always someone there.
Maybe God looked over her too, as nobody knows his face.
Then he returned to Heaven, to save her a special place.
Another victim of Hillsborough, who sadly never came home.
But there is comfort in the knowledge, she was never once alone.
Rest in peace with your sister,we’ll never forget either of you.
You’ll be part of LFC forever, just like every other victim too.



The case of teenage Hillsborough victims Sarah and Vicki Hicks, their Dad was in the next pen, who saw they where in trouble, alerted the police who did nothing to help.He got onto the pitch himself and saw both his daughters side by side, and was heard to say ‘Oh God, not the both of them, they’re all I’ve got’

Both his girls died, though it was hours later before he traced the body of Sarah after he and his wife had no idea if she dead or alive, as he had to leave her on the pitch and go in the ambulance with Vicki,hoping that Sarah would follow in the next ambulance,that never happened.

Jenni,Sarah’s Mum, was comforted in the knowledge this week, when she discovered as Sarah passed away on the pitch, she was never left alone, this poem is based on those findings…thanks for reading.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/sarah-and-vicki/