Saturday Afternoon Football Heaven

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The Turnstile congregation
Negotiating final score prophecies
And their greatest ever eleven
Balti pie banter with curry sauce sarcasm
The roar of the crowd, the referee’s decision
“C’mon You Blues!”
Red and white derision
“What a save!”
Edge of seat anticipation!
The stench of beer and the smell of turf
The cheers, the chants and jeers
Cold fingers and floodlight stares
The ticking of the clock and the scoreboard prayers
The majestic pass
The drawn-out silent breath
The momentous scramble
In the back of the net!
Glorious chorus from the stands
Triumphant rising of victorious hands
Bobble hat happiness
Anthems of elation
The final whistle
Singing jubilation!
Every Saturday afternoon is football heaven



Editor Note :Great lines: Balti pie banter with curry sauce sarcasm…and
The drawn-out silent breath……welcome to The Football Poets Jools!
More please.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/saturday-afternoon-football-heaven/