Selfies And A Mexican Wave

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 2 Fans see themselves
as a camera zooms in,
their on the big screen
so they point and grin.
They go a bit nutty
a few seconds of fame,
spectators start to pose
not watching the game.
Many on their phones
fingers fiddling away,
some take Selfies
ignoring the play.
They miss great shots
or a wonderful save,
as they’re too busy
doing a silly Mexican Wave !



Its been a good World Cup so far and will get even better as the tournament progresses. But I’m an old school football supporter who sits or stands at matches, I turn my mobile off, and watch the game even if it gets boring. And that bloody Mexican Wave gets on my nerves, me and my mates would refuse to do it, its rubbish and is past it’s sell by date. But other than that I’m loving it. But what happened to just singing and getting behind your team, and celebrating a goal ?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/selfies-and-a-mexican-wave/