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2nd leg
90 minutes up
All square
Still level
One goal each
None scored away
Tension mounts
Who’ll be the hero?
Or the one who scores zero?
Who’ll be the villain?
Maybe me
Will I or won’t I?
So much indecision
I know what I’d want –
If it was me lying there in bed, way past lights out time
And a school night too
But c’mon
Should I – or shouldn’t I?
Do I or don’t I?
Easy decision really
Spouse distracted in the other room, by her ilk
(Desperate Housewives)
“Thanks Dad!”
“Who do you want to win?”

Not sure, son.
“I’m going for Cardiff, they’re class.
And we’ll be there for the Olympics!”

The Millennium Stadium, son, it’s different.
“And I don’t really know much about Crystal Palace.”
They gave us Steve Kember
Jerry Murphy…
And Peter Nicholas ….

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Semiotic – of or pertaining to signs

A sign of my love?

For Mark, with love.

Actually – we’ve had more going the other direction … to the Palace.

And the hero on the night?
Tom Heaton, Cardiff keeper, saved two of the penalties to send them to Wemberlee

“We’ll be there too Dad! For the Olympics.”

Yes, son.

And we had a great time at the Olympics.

we actually swapped Wembley tickets (Ghana v S Korea) for 3rdplace playoff tickets at the Millenium, in the hope that it might be Neymar & Brazil.

We got to two matches at the Millenium Stadium.

Team GB vs Uruguay, where we had a great time booing the panto villain – Luis Suarez.

We had to make our own entertainment for our 2nd game, the 3rd place playoff, Japan vs S. Korea.
Not quality.

Re-reading the poem above…..

reminds me, of my footballling claims to fame….

I played against Stevie Kember once, when he played for Merton (well past his prime).

I also got to play alongside another old pro, Pete Gelson, ex Brentford captain.

And as a junior, I marked Danny Wallace out of the cup game!
Southampton FC vs Hampton Hill Celtic.

And our local hero, (and nemesis at the junior grade), was
Peter Rhodes-Brown, who went on to play for Chelsea and Oxford.
We played against him locally…..
Hampton Hill Celtic V Hampton Rangers.

You can tell the rivalry from the team names alone!

Further update….. June 2014.
Very sad to hear of the death of Rev Fr Joe Meehan, Catholic priest, athlete and founder of Hampton Hill Celtic FC.

One of my own personal icons – he used to bring us to Stamford Bridge as young boys.

Fr Trendy before the term was even born.

He also officiated at my own wedding.,
He isvery sadly missed.

May he R.I.P.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/semiotic/