So Sanity, Please Walk On!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I’m finding it hard to come to terms, with obscene amounts of dough
Mercenary players, play one game and off they go
As drowned souls depart to Hades, in supermarket trolleys
I wince to see, as the paparazzi, write up football stars on jollies
The cricket boys have put to shame this playing for the badge
With all that kissing, so condescending, it really makes me mad
I thought our sport was beautiful, now I have my doubts
As overpaid, under played idols turn into drunken louts
Most hero’s, are from days gone bye, when men were truly men
In these days of bling and bargaining, will we see their likes again?
My club is as guilty as anyone, in ruining sacred game
As I read the news, I get the blues and hang my head in shame
‘ Money, money, money, gimme it, make me rich ‘
What happened to real sportsman, working hard for it?
Kids can’t afford the entrance fee, to watch the Premier League
Would you want them to watch it anyway, when all they see is greed?
As I watch games on the t.v, empty seats are still on sale
Is the honeymoon now over, will common sense prevail?
This season is so dismal, like the feeling at a wake
Is our game on its way to hell in a handcart? I hope not for our sake
When you pay your dough, you kinda know
That things could turn out wrong
But something on our stage is missing
So sanity, please walk on!





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