Some Speak Whilst Others Do !

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 There are those who walk the walk
There are those who talk the talk
There are those who should never leave the bench
To talk a good game is fine
But somewhere down the line
You need to prove your ability in the trench
Talk is pretty cheap
Your football knowledge should run deep
If you wish to be a pundit who talks sense
Football fans are pretty cute
Down quickly they will shoot
A pundit who appears to them as dense
We don’t suffer fools
We all do the pools
So our knowledge of the game makes so called experts tense
Just because you’ve played the game
Had a modicum of fame
Isn’t proof that you’re an expert on defence
Go and manage a team
To see if you’ve the spleen
But please don’t try to say you’re talking sense
Most pundits that I’ve seen
Couldn’t manage a subbuteo team
Most of them incite bewilderment they’re so dense !



Just heard on the radio that Gordon Strachan might get the sack afore the big kick-off.

Steve Claridge has left the Den afore a ball was even kicked as well !

Some people talk a good game from the MOD sofa and the commentary box, but… when it comes down to the cut and thrust they are found lacking ? Just like jockeys don’t always make good trainers, footballers don’t always make good managers or do they ?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/some-speak-whilst-others-do/