Special Ks

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It’s Christmas Eve
Looking forward to it
Even though I don’t believe.
Weather forecast’s ok
Football at the weekend
Groundhopping again.
First my Dulwich Hamlet on Saturday
For my holiday treat
Then two days for new grounds
Which fits in quite neat.
Once Friday has gone
It’s Boxing Day for my church
Champion Hill my spiritual home
Unless the weather leaves me in the lurch.
Kingstonian the visitors
With that chip on their shoulder
So jealous of our renaissance
Resentment continues to smoulder.
I’ve nothing really against them
But their fans are weird
Labelling us all hipsters
Cos some of us wear a beard.
Enjoy your visit though you won’t
Have a good look around
See the community work we’re doing
Then ask why you’re losing your ground.
By sheer weight of numbers
A few of our fans are strange
But by law of averages
That’s what comes with change.
Stay in your sad time warp
Stuck in your Geoff Chapple bubble
Perhaps that’s half the reason why
Your club is in so much trouble.
Bitter and twisted
Heads buried in the sand
Thinking you’re still winning the Trophy
When you were the best in the land.
In fact you got to Wembley
Spending money you’d not got
Setting yourself up for asset strippers
And now that’s your lot.
Soon you’ll not have a ground
That you can call your own
You’ll be scrabbling for any old place
As you wander and roam.
I genuinely hope you get sorted
And you stay alive
But that ‘Schadenfreunde’ in me
Won’t care if you survive.
For you knock us now
And you lose your friends
We won’t really care much at all
If it finally ends.
I used to quite respect you
But now you look down on us
When you become homeless
I’ll wonder what’s the fuss.
I always care about my friends
Speaking up for what’s right
But you’re so full of hate and jealousy
I won’t care about your plight.
Truth be told I respect your heritage
Don’t want your club to die
But if that’s the worst case scenario
I am not going to cry.



(I wrote this a couple of days before we played Kingstonian, a proud old club in the doldrums, some of their own making, some not. But their fans sneer at clubs like mine, who have worked hard to improve our attendances because many of our newer fans don’t fit their ‘mould’ of a laddish working class male, who they think should make up football crowds…) [It was a delight to win 5-1]

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/special-ks/