Spray On Mud – for 4x4s and Back Fours

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Country lies in urban brown
Also useful for defenders
Who can’t be bothered to fall down
Others reach for water bottles
He picks up his mud-filled can
He sprays it on his pristine kit
To make him look a man
Look at me boss, I got stuck in today
I’m head to foot in dirt
I’ve gone in with hard tackles
I’ve gone in where it hurts
I’ve played a blinder
I’ve really earned my shower
Clean and dressed in designer togs
And back to my ivory tower


Spray On Mud for sale at £7.95, aimed at townies who drive a 4×4 and wish to delude others into thinking they use the vehicle to visit their country retreat. What ever next – “here kids, spray these nice clean polystyrene domes, it’s called making mud pies”

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/spray-on-mud-for-4x4s-and-back-fours/