Stand Up (And Be Counted)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I’m of a post Hillsborough generation
Where death has taught us what matters
And the illusion of a perfect sporting world
Has been well and truly shattered
So for the most part, I know nothing of a
Footballing world where the fans can stand
It’s mostly ’cause I’m a bit too young
But on the other hand
I’ve been to non-league football
Back in the days of Hayes FC
When that was the only ticket
Even vaguely affordable for me
And the atmosphere on that tiny patch
Was undeniably gold
It came close to rivalling my beloved Den
If all truth be told
Maybe that’s stretching it
So I’ll phrase those words again
Imagine how electric the air would be
If you could stand up in The Den!
Perhaps it’ll always be a mystery to me
And I’m destined not to know
But in our safe 21st Century landscape
It’s gotta be worth a go
So let’s jump up and be counted
And show we deserve the stands
But it’ll probably never happen
Unfortunately, it’s not in our hands.



Ever since my visits to my (now defunct) local non-league team Hayes FC as a teenager, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of standing up at the football. I grew up at a time post-standing, so it’s always been a mystery to me.

Editor’s note:

Thanks for that great contribution Luke. 15,001 and counting!

From someone who remembers……

I grew up at Stamford Bridge; out of financial necessity, I watched from the Shed, and gazed over at the seats in our shiny new stand.

Then when I could afford it, and watched while sitting – I wished I was back in the throng, and chose to do so on most occasions.

I can guarantee the atmosphere was much, much better in the standing areas.

I totally understand how we’ve arrived at all seater stadia, and we’re all very sensitive to the Hillsborough victims and their families and friends, but there is definately a proportion of fans (of all ages) who would prefer to watch top level football standing up.

Especially with the new proposals – where there would be barriers separating out the rows of fans, so no overcrowding could occur (and yes, barrier collapse would be a risk factor).

Seeing the Poznan on the foreign terraces – it would be great to see it occur more in the UK.

Anyway, just my humble opinion.

Thanks again,

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