Stung by the Bees

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Oh for the gargantuan anti climax of it all
Claret and blue painfully stung by the Bees
Again, Double for West London
Premier League debutants
It felt like deja vu, but please
Refrain from French references
After the Lyon Europa League
Collision of thought, deed and instinct
Nerve jangling draw, though
All to play for on Thursday
For Euro showdown
But today the claret and blue
Family had important preoccupations
On their mind
Brentford climbing safely
Towards the luxury suites
Of Premiership security
Brentford who once boasted
Legendary Tommy Lawton
In their modest repertoire
And the priceless grit, graft
And tigerish tenacity
Of Terry Hurlock, now
There was hardness in the tackle
Today, Toney and Eriksen
Gel together like lost friends
Seeking reunion, meeting of
Great minds
Slicing and chopping open
A West Ham defence
Like tree surgeons felling
Authoritative beech trees
But leaving the pines to simply
Pine. West Ham absent without leave
Conspicuous by their gaping absence
Leaking like the kitchen sieve
Porous , poorly, never really
Paying attention to the admirable
Tuition of David Moyes
Demanding discipline but then downed
By a red and white stripe blizzard
Of spit and polish, Danish expertise
And late season embroideries
Or Brentford Nylons
No longer are the Bees
Home to thirsty throats
With four pubs on every
Corner, an alcoholic haven
Of beer and lager scented
Celebratory voices
Where the Griffin at
Griffin Park, gazed
Judgmentally across
The lower divisions
Then found the
Brentford Community Centre
Now a colourful cornucopia
In the week before the Easter
Parade and the Jewish Passover
Or Pesach dawns on those final
Burning embers of the League season
Brentford snug in the land of
Respectability, what a relief
For those heavenly Danish
Pastries of Tomas Frank,
That’s saved his bacon
A season for the Bees to
Remember, still feeling the buzz
The pumping adrenaline of the
Premier League heartbeat,
The blood pouring through its
Chambers of ridiculous wealth
Its chromosomes, its hormones
Of character,
Brentford welcome to the
Premier League club
Take a seat and thankyou
For your stunning introduction
To the big time
Enjoy the scenic delights



Hammers beaten by Brentford 2-0.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/stung-by-the-bees/