Such A Sham (e).

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Bearing witness for years
To aces who fall
Like a house of cards down in a heap
I’ve shed (sic) angry tears
At those scared of the ball
Who scream as if murdered and cheat.

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Our club has an ace or two
Prone to go down
Swanlike when defenders come near
But what one can do
Bar stand there and frown
For stars genuine from yester-year?

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 I’m yearning for days
When Big Norm up at Leeds
Wound fakers right through the mangle
Will we ever match the replay
Of a brave Francis Lee
Warning Norm to stop biting his ankles?

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 The tackle’s been outlawed
Shoulder charge banned
Keepers who seldom cease moaning
Yet Man City’s Trautmann was loved even more
From Wemberlys packed stands
For playing on when his neck, was deemed broken.

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 Anyway back to the swans,
From the modern day game
Brittle boned, with their ankles of matchwood
Why should they be allowed to carry on?
With the acting and feigning
That’s detrimental to our great games good?

6 Leave a comment on verse 6 0 I’m yearning for days
When a brave Tommy Smith
Or Peter Storey who played for The Arsenal
Stood firm through the game
Their hearts on their sleeves
We never once heard that word metatarsal

7 Leave a comment on verse 7 0 Last night in the Nou Camp
It came to a head
Where nine out of ten was awarded
To players from both camps
Seemingly rising from the dead
If an opponent was ticked off or carded.

8 Leave a comment on verse 8 0 One Barca bloke down
Sack of spud like spark out
Came around for a mo to complain
To the ref, of his plight for a card to be shown
Then on drawing a blank, he artistically flopped down
Writhing about in the rain.

9 Leave a comment on verse 9 0 I’ve heard the conspiracy theories
They remind me of kids losing
Running crying indoors to their mothers
Any esteem I once held for these two teams
Is now shattered and bruised
And could well take a while to recover!



After watching the third of three, what should have been wonderful televised El Classico’s ruined by a continous display of indiscriminate play acting. I sat in in a London pub, last night for the third time in as many weeks, as embarrased Spanish fans of the two teams involved looked around at us neutrals smiling at the continued blatant cheating, not knowing where to put their faces.

It’s bad enough in this country ain’t it? This was a con of the highest order, performed by a bunch of top notch players right at it, and an impotent referee fell for it, hook line and sinker.

Barcelona and Real Madrid were sadly both as bad as one and other. Me I’d kick the pair of them out of the competition for this display alone, but hey…what do I know, I’m only a television punter expecting to be entertained?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/such-a-sham-e/