Summer Of …No Footy

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Remember when perms were all the rage
Football happened Saturday, at three
Highlighted game watched on a valve TV
In those days we had Motson
Covering the game, in his tie with the spots on
He did his research, made lots of notes
Accompanied by his trusty old sheepskin coat
Now they cover all the games at all the grounds
Bring us all the goals with all the sounds
Kick off at lunchtime, three, five fifteen
Watching it live, on Sky, on flatscreen
Nearly every night, three times at weekends
No time for errands, no time for friends
In a few weeks, the season will close
Time to reflect on the highs and the lows
Where then will I seek my thrill?
I’ll sit on the sofa and stare at ‘The Bill’



Almost constant stream of football on radio and TV means evenings are sorted. Then, suddenly, nothing. Season ends, that’s it.

In a world of change, we give thanks for Reg Hollis.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/summer-of-no-footy/