Sunshine After The Snow

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The day dawned strange, even for Norfolk
Thin layer of snow
In April, no degrees, zero tolerance
Let’s go on with the show
Timelord prince goes back 34 years
To wed his first chosen bride
He makes the biscuits, now takes the cake
His retro dreams are iced
Hedgehunter wins the National
Racing colours yellow and green
He crosses the line as we head for the match
Lucky strip set fair the scene
Later Jon Thaxton, a local boxer
Would win his world title fight
Of course, we don’t know that yet
The day of glory lasts till midnight
Norwich FC made it an historic win
Two-nil over Manchester United
Our season isn’t over yet
We all got excited
It was meant to be
Looking at the picture from 1959
When Norwich beat United three-nil
Snow had been cleared from the lines



Spooky. Snow on the ground bodes well for us. Celebration and confetti all round. We may yet turn back into a pumpkin but who needs tomorrow when we’ve got tonight.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/sunshine-after-the-snow/?shared=email&msg=fail