Sustainability Rap ( Forest Go Solar & Greener)

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some things happen against probability
sustainability’s a tricky word to rhyme
we’ve been hearin’ it a long long time
but we’ve got a pioneer we call Dale
ideas cooler than a windmill sail

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 lover of all things alternative and green
thank God Mr V’s arrived on the scene
panels on the roof guys.. they’re just the start
ev’ry single move it gets right to the heart

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sport and passion – abilty agility
not just sustainin’ a place in the league
the ground or the fans who say they’re gonna leave
not just talkin’ ’bout sustainin’ our aim
sustainin’ the planet is the name of the game
talkin’ ’bout the future not the way it’s been
the future ain’t orange the future is green…
no need to worry no need to panic
the only way is up and why not organic ?

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 meanwhile here we are in ninth place
down in the Conference a smile on our face
down with the big boys the once ‘mighty’ teams
takin’ each day just livin’ out the dream…
Cambridge Unted and Grimbsby Town
Wrexham and Barrow but we ain’t getting down..
Luton and Mansfield with stories to tell
York City Darlington ..they’re here as well
some say the Conference ain’t that pretty
but try tellin’ that to the likes of Lincoln City..
we’re livin’ it and lovin’ it .. givin’ it a try
we’ll keep sustainin’ it …we’ll get by
takin’ it serious – it’s not just a thought
we’re greenin’ up the club …… and the world of sport!

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some things happen against probabliity
sustainability’s a great word to rhyme
we’ll keep sustainin’ it a long long time ….
makin’ it turn like a windmill sail
blowin’ in the the changes..and hats off to Dale!



Sun Rise On Sustainble Sport Forest Green Rovers Going Solar

(Info link kindly taken from FGR website with thanks..and keep on Dale)

Solar power being installed on the stadium roof at Forest Green Rovers today – will be the first in a series of green energy projects to raise funds for Sustainability in Sport.

Former-Manchester United player Gary Neville and Ecotricity founder Dale Vince launched Sustainability in Sport in the summer – with the mission of greening-up the world of sport.

The foundation is also planning a series of small wind projects to similarly fund its mission. This very first project will see Sustainability in Sport’s receive annual income from the solar power’s feed-in-tariff.

SiS founder Gary Neville said: “SIS was created to inspire change within the sports community and to urgently address the significant environmental impact of sport.

“For many, sports stars are heroes especially for the young, so if we can use sport to raise awareness then that is a significant step forward to achieving SIS’s goal.

“Sport crosses all social and cultural divides and has fans stretching around the world, the potential is massive for sport to make a real difference in the way we live in the future by shaping the way we live today.”

SiS founder Dale Vince said: “This is the founding project of Sustainability in Sport and Forest Green Rovers are chuffed to be a part of it.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/sustainability-rap-forest-go-solar-greener/