That Day in 89!

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on April the 15th I don’t feel fine.
The horrible noises, the terrible din,
the awful tragedy that should never have been.
I also remember how lucky I feel
and the terrible events that are surreal.
I went the match with my uncle who was a blue,
he said “It could’ve been different for me and you”.
When we come out the ground he said “you should phone home”.
so the Sheffield streets we began to roam.
I phoned me mam, I said “I am safe and sound,
I wasn’t in that part of the ground”
She said “come home son, come home to me,
get the next train, I’ll cook your tea”.
I was lucky, I was going home,
but 96 were never to go.
What followed next was a long hard fight,
that took 27 years to finally put right.
If you’re a Liverpudlian, red or blue,
we stick together, that’s what we do!
We fought the system, the powers that be,
we fought until a victory.
The terrible lies that were printed for fun
that’s why I’ll never buy the Sun.
When I think back to that terrible day,
I remember our lost that have gone away.
I remember the lost, the girls and boys,
when I look at my kids playing with their toys.
But when I think of that day, when I phoned home
I remember I’ll “Never Walk Alone”.



This is a poem about my experiences of Hillsborough, April 15th 1989.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/that-day-in-89/