The 26

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The squad has been picked
twenty six players strong,
do you agree with Roy
where has he got it wrong ?
Would you have chosen Wilshire
who we know is injury prone ?
he picks up so many knocks
always nursing a broken bone.
And what about Raheem Sterling ?
this season he’s been pretty poor,
he misses chance after chance
in fact he couldn’t hit a barn door.
In defence Stones looks shaky
he’s still learning his trade,
doesn’t fill you with confidence
could be a liability I’m afraid.
But upfront the attack looks good
Vardy and Kane should be on fire,
and in midfield there’s Dele Alli
with his Spurs teammate Eric Dier.
So I’m getting some good vibes
I honestly think we’ll do well,
can we win the tournament ?
well only time will tell !



The squad will go down to 23 and the three I’d not take are Sterling, Wilshire, and Henderson. In my opinion Sterling is overrated, Wilshire is unfit and hardly played a match all season, and Henderson is not international class.
But that’s just my opinion as to some fans all those three are worthy to be there.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-26/