The 74 Cup Final

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 74 in London, down old Wembley Way
Liverpool and Newcastle, the FA Cup Final they would play
Newcastle had been here 11 times before and for Liverpool it was their  5th
Liverpool had won it once before and The Geordies had won it 6
Ray Clemence was in goal for Liverpool
He was great at saving the ball
And stopping it at the other end for Newcastle
Was Coleraine’s own Willie McFaul
Alan Kennedy,T erry McDermott, Pat Howard and Frank Clark
Tommy Smith,Alec Lindsay, Phil Thompson and Peter Cormack
Newcastles captain was Bobby Moncur, he was getting great reviews
And for The Mighty Redmen it was ” Crazy Horse” Emlyn Hughes
Keegan, Heighway, Callaghan,T oshack and the Scot Brian Hall
Hibbit Tudor, Cassidy, Smith and Malcolm McDonald who could definitely  score with a ball
100 000 filled Wembley, Scousers and Geordies the double act
It was one of the most one sided finals ,that’s a football fact.
No goals were scored in the first half but The Reds were in control
The second half would be different though with 3 strikes in the Newcastle goal
Keegan opened the scoring, 57 minutes of play
Red fans sang their hearts out, the banners started to sway
Heighway made it number 2 with 75 minutes on the clock
Wembley was really bouncing now, Red fans knew how to rock
88 minutes played now, Keegan scores, he’s got the 3rd
The FA Cup is for Liverpool, the land of the Liverbird
This turned out to be Shankly’s last match, oh why oh why o why?
He resigned from Liverpool Football Club later that July
This was Shankly’s 2nd FA Cup, after winning it in 65
One of the greatest managers to ever be alive.

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This goes out to all the guys in the Coleraine Liverpool Supporters Club who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year..See yous at the weekend lads………YNWA

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-74-cup-final/