The battle of Manny Road

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It’s never easy being a Wanderers’ fan
Especially since this season began
We’ve had our share of ups and downs
Not many smiles and too many frowns
Luck has not often been on our side
As we have failed to halt the slide
The game we had waited for, for so long
came, and things went horribly wrong
We went to Burnden, so full of hope
But, with United’s skill, we couldn’t cope
For 70 mins, we kind of held our own
And although two down, who would’ve known
That by the end we would be knocked for six
And once again we’d come away with nix
But after the game, worse was still to come
as Manny Road, became a rugby scrum
Instead of being magnanimous in defeat
Old team hatred, spilled out onto the street
Fans, who normally, would be well behaved
Became uncontrollable as they ranted and they raved
Football hooliganism, raised its ugly head
Leaving the average fans filled with dread
Mob rule became the order of the day
Caring nothing, for those, caught up in the affray
Giving no thought to the club’s good reputation
Interested only, in mindless self gratification
Club rivalry, they, might use as a pretence
But nothing, can excuse, such indiscriminate violence
As both sides fought, my daughter cried
And cowered in a doorway, terrified
As usual, it always is, the unruly few
Who spoil it, for the likes of me and you
Now, not only do we have to suffer insults
Because of our performances and results
But our intelligence and sanity, have now been put in doubt
Because of a few dozen, mindless thugs and louts
To those of you involved, in that disgraceful rout
fans like you Bolton wanderers can do without !!!


Written after Manchester United beat us 6-0 at Burnden 1995/96 season

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-battle-of-manny-road/