The Chelsea Factor

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If we won the League each year,
With the also-rans a long, long way adrift?
Would the lads down in St. Mels
Slink away and disappear,
Discouragement inevitable and swift?
With a billionaire on board,
Would the trophies lose their gleam?
Would the medals lose a modicum of lustre?
If there’s naught we can’t afford,
And we lived the Chelsea dream,
What opposition could the others muster?
If we had a one-team league
Would the fans come out to see
The battle for the second spot and third?
Or would they all evince fatigue
At the crass futility,
And say the situation’s got absurd?
It would not be very fair
And the League would be depressed,
But one small thought keeps running through my head –
What if this multi-millionaire
Was invited to invest
In Waterford, or someone else instead?



Shels rejected overtures from the morally-suspect Mr di Stefano to take over the club and ‘bring us into the Champions League’ Let’s home every other club in the League rejects him too.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-chelsea-factor/