The First Day Of The Season

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Waking early on a Saturday is a rare thing
But today I woke at half 7 and couldn’t get back at all
Today has seen the end of the Ashes which we won
And the start of the football season
It’s that one game of the year you think about more than any other
Will your team be better than last season and will they get a win
Or is just more of the same torpid mess that I hoped had been cast to the past
At just gone 4 I’m convinced it’s a case of Emperor’s new clothes
As we flounder and go 1 down, announced and gone in the blink of an eye via my trusty transistor radio
But then it happens, we go and bloody equalise but still no name for our new beloved goal scorer
And then, moments later, the impossible happens, we storm into a 2-1 lead, away at Shrewsbury
A new dawn has come and in ten years we’ll be in the Champions League and sold Fred to the Arsenal for £50million
That’s when the tension really kicks in and you begin to worry, what happens if they equalise or worse yet conjure a couple
It’ll be late in the day now, sitting here clutching my trusty transistor radio
Please let it end so I can go celebrate and when news filters through
They’ve clung on somehow and I go a little bit crazy
The first day of the season, the day a new dawn can blink into life



Since our glorious opening day victory Millwall have lost all but one game and the optimism prevalent in this poem is long-gone. Oh well, let’s hope this bad patch don’t last long!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-first-day-of-the-season/?shared=email&msg=fail