The Flying Pig aka Tommy Lawrence

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The Flying Pig
Would have to shed two stone
Tommy tried to do this
In ways which others moan
He’d starve himself
For days on end
Jog in early morn
But Tommy was a stout boy
And was since he was born
Shankly said ‘ Ah Tommy
How’s it with the weight?’
Tommy said ‘I’m sorry boss
It’s very hard of late’
The boss was fond of Tommy
He could see that he had tried
He ordered a new diet for him
Where everything was fried
‘ Eat those fry ups Tommy
This is a not a joke
We need you fat to fill up the goal
Just like Willie Foulke!!!’*

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This is not a true story! But I can imagine that canny Scot Shankly thinking of it and trying to put it in to practise!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-flying-pig-aka-tommy-lawrence/