“The Girlie Game”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Perhaps it’s the fact they’re rubbish
That brings me back again
Millwall Lionesses playing Bristol City
Tonight here at The Den.
It’s a pleasant evening
Something to do after work
I’m just here for the football
Not a dirty old man having a lurk!
The only people I’m eyeing up
Are their boyfriends in the stand
And if they’re missing their girls on the pitch
I can offer a helping hand!
So different from the mens game
You really can’t compare
If you make comparisons
That is just unfair.
To me it’s a game of football
No matter the style on the pitch
If the standard’s not the best
Who am I to bitch?
Tactically aware and passing
Playing to their strength
It’s certainly not kick and rush
Hoofing it the length.
I can’t knock Saturday evening football
Which is why I’m here
It’s not as if I’ve better to do
Seeing as I’m off the beer.
Maybe, with the Lionesses struggling
I’m trying to find the Dulwich of old
Bored & miserable in an empty stadium
That was how I rolled.
Truth is I’m happy to watch any football
Whatever floats my boat
Slagging off the womens game for the sake of it
Really gets on my goat.
The Lionesses have a great history
So need to beat Bristol City
Which is why I’m cheering them on here
Because relegation would be such a pity.



( I wrote this at The Den, during the Millwall Lionesses 2-1 home defeat to Bristol City, in the Womens Super League Second Division, back in July 2016)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-girlie-game/