The Great Men Of Liverpool!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The Reds are dead and buried
As Kopites shed Red tears
As halftime comes
There was one who will not shirk from fear
The system that had got them there
Was rather strangely changed
As the Rossianeri took advantage
Of a defence that was just tame
But real men have to have a pride
If wearing sacred shirt
Based on first half performance
This must have been hurt
They revert to play that had saved the day
In all big games before
As Ralphy made his changes
To level up the score
Score they did and pretty quick
Score two times again
As Meelan were just blown away
By Gerard and his men
As keeper lived right on the edge
With saves from outer space
Although ridiculed sometimes quite cruely
He was their saving grace
As shoot out came to decide the game
Five brave reds stepped up
But keeper psyched out Meelan
For his part in winning cup
He wobbled here and staggered there
As Meelan tried to score
But all this was to no avail
As the twelfth man he did roar
As Cup was held high in Turkey sky
You had to catch yer breath
Had all this really happened?
If so we’re well impressed
So as YNWA rang out in Istanbul
You’ll raise your glass to congratulate
The Great Men of Liverpool!



I missed the first half, but as I was driving home, Graham Taylor said on the radio ‘Liverpool have to win the second half or this could get really embarrasing for them’ well win the 2nd half they did, in great style. Best 2nd half of a match I’ve ever seen!!! Well done the Reds!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-great-men-of-liverpool/