The only Liverpool football player to ever receive a knighthood was Matt Busby.

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Paisley and Case
Heighway and Keegan
Toshack and Lee
Kennedy Alan
And Kennedy Ray
Terry McDermott
Big Alec Lindsay
And Lawler the ghost
Emlyn and Clem
Smithy and Thommo
And King Kenny Dalglish
The grandest of men
Along with Alonso
And Rafa Bentitez
We havent got knighthoods
But we songs and we’ve dreams
And we’ve heroes a plenty
Not mere men, but Kings.



“I was born by the banks of The Mersey
Facin’ the Irish Sea
It may not look like heaven to you
But its home sweet home to me”

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-only-liverpool-football-player-to-ever-receive-a-knighthood-was-matt-busby/