The Rams take a battering.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Oh dear Derby County
In danger of no bounty
Since those halcyon days
When Cloughie and Taylor
Were fierce and forthright
When the Rams were
Always in
Full flight
Today Derby are no
Longer residents of
the Baseball Ground
Where once gypsy
Curses were once
In hidden
Corners of fulsome
Stands where once
The exuberant masses
Witnessed the bands
Of pre-match tannoy
Musical blasts
In 1972 and then
The supporting casts
Three years hence
First Division
League Championships
Above the fence
Gemmill and Rioch
Occupied the middle
Domain, engineers
Behind the machine
And chain, linking
Midfield thinkers
Who never had stinkers
Who remain
In the hearts
Derby County
Where once
Raich Carter
Once Bachelor
Of Arts
And then
Married to football
When Derby were
A name
To be reckoned
With his family
Who became
Wedded to fame
But now Derby
With Wayne
Rooney in
Hover over
The trapdoor
Of nowhere
Although they
Still keep the ball
On the floor
But Derby
We care for
You in a
May you recapture
That day
When the penalty
Spot disappeared
And Manchester
City were scared
Of those formidable
White Derby shirts
Keep faith in the future
Where Pride in your Park
Always lurks



This is my poetic homage to Derby County.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-rams-take-a-battering/