The Real England National Team

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 They are only England Women, they said,
They would fail just like the men, they said,
They did not say they would roar to the last four,
Playing better than the men and scoring far more,

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 No false promises or expectations,
Just a team excelling with pride and determination,
They would run rings around Hodgson’s disappointing men,
Who have given us nothing but sheer desolation,

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 Full of passion, they played without fear,
They gave it their all, blood, sweat and tears,
They persevered and believed,
Should we now call them the England National Team?
For they are the ones that truly deserve the honour of wearing three lions on their shirts.



So, England Ladies have finished third at the World Cup, which is better than the men have done since 1966. Maybe Roy should call up some of their players.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-real-england-national-team/