“The Real Thing”

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Well seeing as you
Were nice enough to ask
I shall tell you exactly
What I did last night.
I saw a football match.
A proper one
In the flesh.
And by that I mean
Not one down the pub
Watching a fading glory
Post-Sir Alex
Manchester United
At their self proclaimed
Theatre of Dreams
Rescuing the remnants
Of their season
Which has been a failure
Within reason
From the comfort
Of a bar stool
At the local pub
A mere million and one
Proverbial miles from Manchester.
I was the only fan
To see Phil Wilson
Make his comeback from injury
Our collusus of a keeper
Squeezing into his shirt
Gracing the hallowed dirt
Of Theobalds Lane.
Capital League football
On the edge of the capital.
They say you must be crazy
To support a non-league team.
As a lifelong fan
Of the mighty Dulwich Hamlet
I concede I will give you that.
Just as “Don’t you wish
Your keeper was Phil Wilson”
As we sing behind the goal
(But not tonight
As I don’t do solos)
Conceded a second half equaliser…
In a Reserve Team match.
Did I not mention
This was the Stiffs
I went to see
Up at Cheshunt?
I concede that’s not crazy…
That’s mental!



(I wrote this on the way home from Cheshunt reserves 1, Dulwich Hamlet Reserves 1. It came about from the simple thought of how I would reply if someone from work tomorrow were to generally enquire as to what I did on my day off…)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-real-thing/