The Results

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 In all this talk about conviction theories
And the judgement of History (as opposed to histories),
The (in)justice of war and necessity for action
From a leader who leads, disregarding faction,
Statistical lies, half truths and falsehoods
And the mass distraction of the full time results,
It’s hard to see the importance of football,
When the marchers to war announce their grim footfall,
But here’s some results I got through the post,
And I studied them over my hot breakfast toast:
World Oil Production Championships;
Saudi Arabia came 1st and Iraq 2nd.
For war 393 Against 198.
Iraqi chemical and biological weapons produced indigenously in the ‘80’s 0
Iraqi chemical and biological weapons produced with Western help in the ‘80’s lots.
Kurds gassed in 1 village in Iraq 1988 5,000
Number of western countries condemning this 0
Gallons of Agent Orange dropped on Vietnam by the US 17,000
Tons of depleted uranium left in Kuwait and Iraq 40
Consequent cancer increase 700%.
Deaths due 2 Sanctions 1.5 million.
(And do you remember that last Gulf War
When we were all assured
By the powers that be within the military
That the accuracy of our barrage
Meant there was limited collateral damage;
So it was a shock to read that our new Smart bomb,
(Ever so cheap, going for a song)
Can now hit its target features
To within just a few metres,
So what on earth happened before
In that last humane Gulf War?
Didn’t they tell us the truth?)
British taxpayers’ spending on arming Iraq in the 80’s – £33m.
Total cost of support to Iraq under Thatcher – £1 billion.



But can you trust the Panel?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-results/